4 reasons you’ll love living with Conqueror™...

 1. Superior Thermal Performance 

Conqueror™ garage doors are the only fully insulated, double steel skin doors manufactured on a continuous line in Australasia. They’re also the only NZ manufactured door to use PIR thermal core technology. Sound like a mouthful? Well here’s what you really need to know – the core in our doors is the most thermally efficient insulation product available. It’s what makes your  Conqueror™ door 50% more thermally efficient than other doors that utilise older generation insulation products such as polystyrene (EPS). The difference is dramatic, you will feel it.

 2. Incorporating Whisper™ Quiet Operation

Once you’ve heard the Conqueror™ door working (and you will have to listen very carefully!) you’ll realise just how noisy your old door is. Your family and neighbours will really appreciate your almost silent entry and exit on those early morning starts, and when arriving home late.

3. Superior Sound Proofing and Acoustic Qualities

Another benefit of Conqueror’s remarkable PIR insulating core is its acoustic qualities. Traditional steel and wooden doors allow a remarkable amount of noise to enter your home. Not so with the Conqueror™ which creates a sound-insulating barrier. It also works to keep sound in, so if you’ve got a noisy project in the shed you can greatly cut down the noise that gets out. At Conqueror™ doors we suggest you try the “rugby ball test” – throw a ball at our doors and see how much sound the insulated core absorbs, then go home and try it at home with your current door…

4. Better for the Environment – Safer, too

We have to live on this planet for a long time, so ConquerorTM are committed to using quality products that don’t put a strain on the environment. That’s why we’ve chosen PIR as the insulation core for our garage doors – it’s the only core material that contains no harmful CFC’s or HCFC’s. It also has superior flame resistant qualities. Being 50% more thermally efficient than polystyrene (EPS) core doors means there are real energy savings too. 

We strongly believe that our doors should be priced to be accessible to everyone. Compare our pricing and you’ll see that all these features and benefits really don’t cost much more than the majority of lesser doors you could buy. Our brand new state-of-the art factory in Christchurch means there’s no other company in New Zealand that can compete. Bang for your buck, no other garage door company even comes close!